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Performing Artists:

D - FUSE - Audio-Visual Collective / Michael Faulkner, Mattias Kispert, Toby Harris

Scott Pagano - Audio-Visual Artist

The Brian King Ensemble: Brian Trifon - Guitar/Laptop, MB Gordy

Percussion, Brian King - Drums/Laptop

Original compositions by:

Justin Bell, Vidjay Beerepoot, Andrew Prahlow, Brian Trifon


Stereoscopic projections: Amanda Tasse, Perry Hoberman, Logan Olson, Miguel Jiron, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Lauren Fenton, Michael Annetta, Julie Griffo, Catie Takamoto

D-Fuse installation, projections and visual music


Work by D-Fuse, Katherine Smith (Holographic installation), X-Rez, Patterson-Reckinger,

Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Greg Nishikawa, Tianran Rian, Jordan Hansen

A USC Visions and Voices event

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