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for live string quartet
Composer:  Thomas Adés

7 scenes exploring the idea of ARCADIA 

vanishing, vanished or imaginary...

1. Venezia notturna (Venice at Night)

2. Das Klinget so Herrlich, Das Klinget so Schon (The Sacred Grove)

3. Auf dem Wasser zu Sengen (Shimmer)

4. Et... (tango mortale) (Dance of Death)

5. L'Embarquement (The Embarkment)

6. O Albion

7. Lethe (River Lethe)


1 - Venezia Notturna  (water)

2 - The Sacred Grove  (land)

3 - Shimmer  (water)

4 - Tango Mortale  (land)

5 - The Embarkment (water)

6 - O Albion  (land)

7 - River Lethe (water)



Michael Patterson

Candace Reckinger

Alicja Jasina

Tuo Kan

Catalina Matamoros

Sophie Xing

Sijia Huang

Fan Feng

Yu Du

Mengna Li 

Lindsey Townley

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